Greater Love - John 15:13

Don’t you just love to be loved? I think we all do, but sometimes it’s a challenge to both feel loved by God and show that love to others.  That’s why I created the Greater Love Collection.  It’s based on John 15:13 – Greater love has no one that this; that he lay down his life for a friend.

Jesus made that statement in the middle of teaching His disciples that He is the true vine, and we can do nothing apart from Him.  Jesus was encouraging the disciples to stay connected to Him, so they would have the strength to love.  He also wanted them to know, beyond a doubt, that they were His beloved.

For Jesus, laying down His life meant making the ultimate sacrifice.  For us, laying down your life for a friend can come in many forms:  making time in a busy schedule; sharing your resources; using your skills to enrich another.  The root of it all is love.

So, whether you’re going to have a day filled with challenging encounters or just need to remember that you are God’s beloved, the Greater Love Collection is for you.  It’s based on John 15:13 and the cross.   The symbol of ultimate sacrifice.