You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength (Phil 4:13).

Sometimes a little reminder helps.

All Things With Purpose

The purpose of Tracy Hibsman Studio jewelry is to inspire you and build you up in your walk of faith. By using symbolism from the distant past combined with the inspiration of Scripture, I make meaningful reminders that go with you all day long; the standing stones of your story.


My Story

My love of jewelry goes way back. I used to sneak into my Mom's jewelry box and model her jewels. One day I took a favorite ring with me to school and got lost in the Kindergarten sandbox. A whole lot of sifting happened that afternoon, but we got the ring back. My mother and grandmother had excellent style and had large collections of artisan pieces. Mom was an artist and even made a few pieces of jewelry. Watching her craft a ring for Dad, I became captivated. I knew I wanted to make jewelry when I 'grew up.'


During a long career in information technology, there were many days when I needed strength and courage to make tough decisions. One day Dad gave me a ring. On days when I needed a reminder to be strong the ring came with me. Wearing that ring was like taking him to work with me.   Every time I looked at it I could feel him cheering me on: "You can do it!" That's when it struck me...I would make jewelry that does the same for you.


Another part of my journey is my faith. My relationship with Christ began at a time when I thought I 'had it all'.  Deep inside I knew there was something missing. Through lots of seeking I discovered that Christ was what I needed. I put my faith in Him and never looked back.

Now I have the privilege to combine my inspirations by making symbols of your story that will be passed down through generations. Each generation will add their significance to the piece and, over time, it will become a standing stone in the story of your family.

 Whether a token of love, reminder of strength, or celebration of a milestone, start your story of significance today with Tracy Hibsman Studio.