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Greater Love Bloodstone & Garnet CZ Necklace - One of a Kind

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The One of a Kind Greater Love Bloodstone & Garnet CZ Necklace is created by framing a bloodstone cabochon with cast brass branches.  The bloodstone harkens back to the legend from the foot of the cross and Christ's sacrificial love for us.  The garnet cubic zirconia is a reminder of the source of a believer's power.  It's all set in sterling silver with a patina to add richness and enhance the wood texture.

Deep, rich, meaningful love is the ultimate experience.  That's the kind of love God demonstrated for you through the sacrifice of Jesus.  Its purpose is to reconcile everyone to a deep, rich, meaningful relationship with God.  John 15:13 says it best, "Greater love has no one than this:  to lay his life down for his friend."

It's easy to get caught in the chaos of the day and forget that we are deeply loved by God. The Greater Love Bloodstone & Garnet Necklace is a beautiful and meaningful reminder of the everlasting love God gives.  It's also one of a kind, just like you!  Remember, reconnect and rejoice in the gift of God's love.

  • Sterling silver, bloodstone, brass, garnet cubic zirconia
  • 14kt Gold Filled snake chain measures 16"
  • Pendant is about 1.25" from top to bottom
  • Christian Symbols:  Bloodstone
  • Inspiration Bible Verse:  John 15:13
  • Symbol of God's love

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