Stay Connected to God All Day

How are You Remembering, Reconnecting, and Rejoicing in the Gifts of God?

You are deeply loved by God and, as a believer, He has given you priceless gifts.  Wear Christian jewelry that's a tangible reminder of God's intangible gifts like:   PeaceLove, and Purity.   

More than just religious jewelry, the symbols of faith used in my designs help you remember your gifts and share them with others.  Tracy Hibsman Studio...designer jewelry for Christians.  Helping you remember, reconnect and rejoice today and every day!

You never have to leave home without a reminder of God!

At Tracy Hibsman Studio, I know that you want to express your faith in subtle, yet compelling ways. You’d like a physical reminder that God is with you encouraging you. Jewelry is a perfect solution for this! Like you, I believe that every woman deserves to have quality pieces designed to fit both her unique style and a deeper meaning in her life. My design process begins by praying for the person the piece will be guided to. I come up with a theme then I research scripture and Christian art until I am led to begin sketching. The result is jewelry you love to wear that was designed with what God wants for you in mind.

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Want something as unique as you?  I'd like to help you design Christian jewelry that helps you remember, reconnect, and rejoice in God's gifts.  Click here to get started!

Triumph Palm Branch Earrings

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Triumph Palm Branch Christian Earrings by Tracy Hibsman Studio Christian Jewelry