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Peace Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Ring

Peace Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Ring

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The Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Christian Ring is a reminder of the boldness God wants us to have when it comes to making peace. 

Ever make the bold move of making peace? The words 'Bold' and 'peace' don't seem to go together, but what could be bolder than reaching out to someone to mend fences?  It's not something we see very often these days, but it is something that God wants us to do.  There are days when we need a bold reminder of the boldness of making peace!

The ring is made from a hand-carved olive leaf that is cast in sterling silver.  The olive leaf appears to sit on top of your hand.  It's an effortlessly bold, yet comfortable, statement ring.

The olive leaf is a symbol of peace.  It's a reminder that's hard to miss.

  • Sterling silver
  • Cast, hand-carved olive leaf
  • Size 8 bar ring
  • Christian Symbol:  olive leaf
  • Peace Collection
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