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Circle Charm Holder Necklace in Sterling Silver

Circle Charm Holder Necklace in Sterling Silver

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This sterling silver Circle Charm Holder Necklace is made to keep your charms secure while looking fantastic. The pendant is hand-hammered and formed into a circle, the symbol of eternal love.  Charms are kept secure on the pendant by tension, no hooks to come undone.  Remember your special moments with a new charm on your Circle Charm Holder Necklace, Christian jewelry deep with meaning.

God encourages us to remember His awesome work in our lives. A meaningful Christian charm helps us remember, and a charm holder is a perfect way to carry those memories throughout the day. "He causes us to remember his wonderful works. How gracious and merciful is our LORD!" Psalm 111:4  Wear your charm holder necklace every day holding memories of how God empowers, provides, and loves.

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