Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day During the Coronavirus Shut Down

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Let’s face it, Moms are superheroes.  They are on the front lines of our families all year, every day, and never more than during the coronavirus shut down.  On top of their ‘normal’, they’re homeschooling and have new anxieties about making sure their family is taken care of...toilet paper, anyone?  This Mother's Day, in the midst of social distancing, here are some ways to make her day extra special. 

What’s that?  YOU are the superhero?  God’s extra blessing and grace to you, Mom!  You are essential!  Forward the link to these ideas to Dad or the kids.  They are probably wondering what to do, and there is nothing wrong with making a suggestion.

If you're at home together:

  • Go to church together...virtually.  Next to Easter, Mother's Day is one of the most attended Sundays of the year.  Take the time to sit together and participate in the service at her church.  She'll love it and who knows, you might just find some inspiration too.  It always amazes me how so many people can listen to the same message and have it apply directly to where they are as individuals.  If your church isn’t streaming services yet, here are a couple of good choices:  Indiana Area Alliance, Saddleback Community Church, Peninsula Community Church
  • Make the meals.  “What to feed the family...today?”  This can be a source of frustration for Mom.  In most families, she makes the choices day-in and day-out...every. single. day.  Whether you order pick-up, heat something up from the freezer, or cook a meal from scratch, this is one way to lighten her load.  Ordering from her local favorite restaurant is also a great way to support a business in your community.  You might use a delivery service:  Grubhub, UberEats, or DoorDash.  Just make sure you clean up afterward.  Like, really clean up...Mom clean.  Don't just pile everything up in the sink...you know who you are.
  • Clean something...anything!  Most moms get tired of cleaning the same things over and over.  After church, take some time to pick up the house, clean the bathrooms, dust, vacuum, fold the laundry.  Include the kids in age-appropriate cleaning activities.  Even a three-year-old can fold washcloths.  Here’s a great resource from Focus on the Family.
  • Leave notes throughout the house telling her what you are grateful for.  We're all guilty of not expressing our appreciation for each other often enough.  This year, write notes of gratitude and leave them for her to find.  The bathroom mirror, dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets, the coffee maker...they're all fair game.  Who knows, this could be the gift that keeps giving if she doesn't find all the notes on Mother's Day.
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    If you're physically separated:
    • Go to church together...virtually.  You can still ‘attend’ church together even if you don’t live in the same house.  Participate in the service at her church, then give her a call.  Catch up on how she’s doing and share what the two of you liked best.  She'll love that you joined her and to hear from you on her day.  If your church isn’t streaming services yet, here are a couple of good choices:  Indiana Area Alliance, Saddleback Community Church, Peninsula Community Church
    • Host a Netflix watch party.  If you both have laptops with Chrome browsers and Netflix accounts you can watch a movie at the same time and either comment during the party or use your phone to have a Facebook video call.  All the better if your whole family is spread out.  Everyone can join in. While this is a little more ‘techy’, she’ll still love that you spent time with her.  Oh, and let her choose the movie.  You can watch her pick for a change.  Click here for more info.
    • Make a Video.  Pick up your phone and make a video showing her how much she is appreciated.  Involve the whole family!  You could spell out ‘mother’ or her name:  “M is for...O is for…” or “T is for… R is for…”.  You can also use a free service, like Canva.com to edit the video or create a video from pictures.  You can even add music.  She’ll enjoy the video well beyond Mother’s Day!
    • Have a Zoom or Facebook Video Chat.  Technology can be such a blessing!  Use it to connect with Mom and spend some time together.  She’ll love seeing you while you chat and you can add an activity like painting together or watching a play that your kids create just for Mother’s Day.  She can even record the call to enjoy later in the year.  You can have a 40-minute call with Zoom for free.  Facebook Video Chat is part of Messenger and is also free.
    • Gift Cards.  Yes, gift cards!  Whether you’re near or far you can purchase gift cards from the small businesses Mom loves.  Many businesses sell gift cards that are emailed.  Mom will be able to shop for a gift that will be just right.  You’ll also make sure her favorite independent stores are there when we open up again.  If your Mom loves jewelry, I happen to know someone who can help!  Click here for Tracy Hibsman Studio Gift Cards.  

    Tracy Hibsman, Jill True, Diane True - Happy Mother's Day from Tracy Hibsman Studio Christian Jewelry


    Whether you’re near or far you can still celebrate your Superhero Mom on Mother’s Day!  She’ll love her special day and appreciate you for making it extra special in a weird time.  Just don’t make a mess...really.  No messes.

    And if you’re the Mom...seriously, let Dad know what you’d like.  He’ll be relieved and you’ll still have a great time!  I hope you have a relaxed and amazing day celebrating all you do for your family.

    “Reward her for all she has done.  Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.”  -- Proverbs 31:31

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