Today, I gave up!

Oh!  I don’t mean in the ‘I QUIT!’ or ‘I’m SO OVER it’ kind of way.  I mean I gave up in the stop and rest kind of way.  I’ve been working on my business like a beast, on a mission to build something that encourages and inspires.  Of course, I was tired, but I was keeping up.  Then, I did myself in...I had caffeine in the afternoon.  

I thought I could keep going the next day, even though I couldn’t get to sleep until 2 AM.  Wrong.  I had to give up.  I got the family out the door and lay down at 7:30 AM.  I’d sleep for an hour.  Four hours later I finally opened my eyes.  Wow!  I needed to give up.  I needed to rest.

The practice of resting goes back to the beginning.  In Genesis 2, God (we’re talking all of God)  rested after six days of creation.  He wasn’t tired, He was giving us an example of how to work and an encouragement to rest.  Resting means to stop.  Stop your labor, commune with God, enjoy your accomplishments, spend meaningful time with friends and family.  And yes, it means to get some sleep.  Even Jesus rested and caught a few z’s when he could.  Remember the boat in the storm?

So, let me encourage you to give up and rest.  Be an inspiration to others to do the same.  Take your rest. Take time to reflect on your experiences, renew your mind and refresh your body.  And yes, get some sleep.  Be kind to yourself.  You’ll be so glad you did.  I am!

Comment below and let us know how do you take your rest?  

Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day are fast approaching!  Do you know someone who is pure in heart?  Share your love by gifting her the Purity of Heart charm.  It’s inspired by Psalm 86 (NLT), written at a time when David needed some serious rest and asked that God grant him purity of heart.

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