Have you ever had one of 'those' times?

"Peace I leave you" the inspiration for the Peace Collection by Tracy Hibsman Studio

You know how it goes.  They start with the best plans and plenty of time.  Then, suddenly, things go pear shaped.  I know you've been there too.

I was getting lots done leading into the busy Christmas season.  The new web site was shaping up, the new collection was in progress and social media was humming.  The family was all well and looking forward to our favorite holiday...Thanksgiving.  Then it happened.  The hard drive in my computer suffered an untimely death.  NO!  NOT NOW!

After a few days on the phone with Dell (great support, btw) I had to send it to Texas to be fixed.  Although I tried...hard...for days...I couldn't get another computer in the house to do what I needed.  I managed to publish the web site, but work on the collection slowed to a crawl, and social media posting stopped.  

Amazingly, I've had perfect peace most of the time.  It's a gift that was given to me many years ago by the only One who can give a never ending supply.  I trusted God that this would all turn out for the best and leaned on His peace...the kind that passes understanding.  I wore the prototype to the Olive Leaf earrings almost every day to remember the gift.

So now, I'm regrouping.  We had a great Thanksgiving together even with The Kid's wisdom teeth being removed the day before...yes, all four at once.  The computer I was limping by on died too, but on the day my computer returned from being fixed.  Everything is reloaded and I only lost a bit of my data (Props to Carbonite for the recovery process.  Lost data my fault.) and I'm ready to roll.  I still have a chance to make a few sales before Christmas!

It's great to see you all again! If you have someone on your shopping list who can use a reminder of their peace in the midst of the daily rush, check out the Peace Collection.  I'll be listing new items daily.

Lesson learned:  trust in God and His timing, lean on the peace that passes understanding, just keep swimming!

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