Can We Talk...About Sisters?

There are two kinds of sisters:  those you were born with and those you find on life's journey.  I've got both.  

My Born Sister

This is a picture of my sister Jill and me on our front porch.  That's Mom in the background (groovy glasses, huh?).  We fought like cats and dogs over most things till we were whose turn it was to sing the Flintstones song.  But we also always had each other's back and we still do.  

Jill taught me a lot over the years.  Her persistence is amazing.  She can see right through my messes, and she's one of the best parents I know.  Her priority in life has been raising two awesome kids, now both adults.  Now, she's working on the next generation.  I'm watching for tips Memaw!

We have a fantastic relationship now even though we're on opposite sides of the country.  We support, pray for and advise each other as no one else can.  We don't even argue over the Flintstones any more. (I think it's your turn.)

My Found Sisters
Found sisters are those we collect along life's journey.  Some are in your life a short while, and some stay forever.  I have several found sisters who I love dearly.  Two come to mind.
The first is my Jewelry Sister.  We met in a jewelry class in the '90s.  There we were, in class working on our pieces and grousing about work.  We discovered we worked for the same manager...what are the odds!  We've been friends ever since, supporting each other at work, through life, and jewelry of course.  (Stop's time for liver of sulpher.)  I really miss her as she too is on the other side of the country.  But when we have the chance to get together it's always like I never left.
The second is one of my Sisters in the Lord.  We've only known each other for a little over a year.  Thankfully, we live in the same city and attend the same church.  We meet weekly-ish to talk about the deep stuff of life.  We have so many things in common it's almost scary.  But that's what I love about her.  She knows where I'm coming from and can steer me in the Lord's direction every time.  We hold each other accountable in a healthy way.  She's also a great example of how God can shape a willing heart.  (Be still, my beloved.  I AM)
Whether born or found, our sisters are an important part of life.  They always have your back but will call you out when you need it.  They pray for you but will let you know when it's time to move on.  They're always available, even if you haven't spoken for a while.  They truly are gifts from God!
May you have many dear sisters in your life's journey and may you celebrate them all on National Sister's Day!
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