Calendula Arvensis

Calendula arvensis, also known as Field Marigold, is a symbol of joy and hope! This beautiful flower holds a special place in the hearts of Christians, reminding us of the amazing grace, joy, and hope that are at the core of our faith. 

There are many varieties of calendula.  The one I use in my work is the wildflower that grows in Israel.  Both the leaves and blooms of calendula arvensis are edible and have medicinal uses*.  Here are some of the ways that calendula arvensis can remind us of the gift of God’s joy and hope for Christians!

  • Resurrection: The bright orange-yellow blooms of the calendula arvensis are a symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts! During Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope that comes with eternal life. The calendula arvensis is a cheerful reminder of this message of hope and renewal.
  • Divine Grace: Calendula arvensis is a symbol of divine grace, reminding us of God's unconditional love and forgiveness. Its sunny hue and joyful appearance bring a sense of comfort and peace, reminding us of the power of God's love in our lives.
  • Love and Affection: The calendula arvensis is a symbol of love and affection, used in Christian wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Its bright, cheerful color is a joyful reminder of the power of love in our lives.

So, embrace the joy and hope that comes with the calendula arvensis! Whether you wear it in a piece of jewelry or add it to your garden, this flower is sure to bring a smile to your face and a reminder of the gifts of God’s love, joy and hope to your soul. 

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*I’m not a doctor and can’t comment on specifics of the medicinal use of calendula arvensis.  Consult with your physician before using.  Calendula arvensis can cause an allergic reaction.

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