The Calling: How God Called Nate & Lissy Gangwer


In the last article, we met Nate and Lissy Gangwer, missionaries at Central Detroit Christian.  They are the missionaries we help support at Tracy Hibsman Studio. In today’s article, we will learn about how God called them to CDC.

The Calling:  How God Called Nate & Lissy

  • When did you know God was calling you into full-time ministry?

While in college we sensed the Lord leading us to a place of vocational ministry through involvement with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), service opportunities, and relationships with our peers. Most pointedly it was after a service spring break trip to Detroit that we first began to seriously talk and consider ministry.

  • Did you resist or was it an easy choice to go?

On some level there was resistance. Following Christ is hardly ever the easiest or most convenient option. Thankfully God is faithful to not only provide direction but also the will and strength to follow.

  • Where did you minister before CDC and what was it like?

We spent two years as interns with Cru. Our first year with Cru (and our first year of marriage) was spent at our alma mater Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). It was a great year of transition as we learned more about marriage, each other, and ministry. The second year with Cru we went to Venezuela to continue doing campus ministry. That year was very hard. There were several difficult moments including detainment and deportation. But through all of that, we learned about letting go of our agendas, our ideas, our desires, and seeking and trusting the Lord that His ways are better, and He does not waste His glory.  Not only did we see God using us in the lives of college students, but also He taught us so much in those years and really developed our character.

  • How did you come to work at CDC?

We met CDC’s Executive Director, Lisa, on our spring break trips with Cru to Detroit. After researching the organization’s reputation around the city and having multiple conversations with Lisa about CDC’s staff needs, we decided to take a step of faith and join the team. In many ways, it was a sight-unseen scenario.

Next week, we’ll hear about the Gangwer’s on the field at Central Detroit Christian.  Until then, here’s what you can do:

  • Pray for Nate and Lissy, and CDC.
  • Consider supporting them financially
  • Consider volunteering

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