Meet Nate & Lissy Gangwer from Central Detroit Christian

Nate & Lissy Gangwer from Central Detroit Christian are supported through a tithe by Tracy Hibsman Studio.  I believe in giving back what God has blessed me with through the creation of Christian jewelry.  I had the blessing to hear Nate and Lissy speak about their work and the approach at Central Detroit Christian.  I was so excited about their work and CDC that I couldn't wait to support them.

It's been a blessing to follow their efforts throughout the year.  I thought you’d like to get to know them better. This is the first in a series of posts from an interview with Nate and Lissy.  Here, we’ll learn about their early years and how they met.

About Nate & Lissy Gangwer

  • Where did you both grow up and what is your favorite memory of that place?
    • NateI grew up in a rural town outside of Lafayette, Indiana. My favorite memories were exploring the country and woods with friends.
    • Lissy – I grew up in a small town called Centre Hall, outside of State College, Pennsylvania.  My favorite memory is playing outside in my backyard with friends.
  • How did you both come to Salvation?
    •  Nate – I grew up in a Christian home and remember regularly attending church with my family. I remember in third grade having heard about sin, Jesus, and redemption that I talked with my pastor and walked through a Salvation booklet with my parents. Not much life change happened in third grade, and it wasn’t until years later that I began to understand what it means to live a surrendered life of repentance before Christ as both Lord and Savior.
    • Lissy – I also grew up going to a Christian church and heard about Jesus every Sunday.  When I was five, I asked my parents if I could pray to ask Jesus into my life. I continued to have an interest in Jesus as I got older, and He grew my faith and understanding and desire to live for Him.
  • How did you meet?
    • We met while we were in high school.  Lissy’s best friend from high school moved with her family, and she started going to Nate’s high school in Rossville, Indiana.  We met when Lissy would visit her best friend.
    • What did you study in college?
      • Nate – History with a minor in Communications Media
        • Lissy –Child Development and Family Relations with a minor in Deaf Studies.

      Sunset Over Detroit

    • How did God prepare you for ministry in your early years?
        • Nate – I participated in several youth group events throughout high school including a trip to Alaska and Haiti. While in college the Lord continued to cultivate a heart for full-time ministry through involvement with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) as well as service opportunities in Mexico, Nigeria, Detroit, and Indiana County, PA.
        • Lissy – I grew up being very involved in church activities and watching others in my church serve our community.  Through youth group and then in college, I also had opportunities to go on various mission trips where I learned the reality that life is not about me or what I want, but about giving God the glory with my life.  He also grew my passion to share the gospel and introduce others to my greatest Love, Jesus Christ.  

          Next Tuesday, we’ll look at how God called Nate & Lissy into full-time ministry and to Central Detroit Christian.  Until then, here’s what you can do:

          • Pray for Nate and Lissy, and CDC.
          • Consider supporting them financially
          • Consider volunteering

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