Hope: Nate & Lissy In the Field and the Future at CDC

In the last article in the series, we hear more from Nate and Lissy Gangwer about CDC, their work in the field in Detroit and the future.  I am so excited to share in their work by giving a tithe from each sale at Tracy Hibsman Studio. I hope you’re excited too!

Hope is Coming to Detroit Through Central Detroit Christian and You!

Hope:  In the Field and the Future at CDC

  • Tell us about the mission of CDC and your roles.
The mission of CDC is to be an agent of change to create a community of choice through Education, Employment, Empowerment, and Evangelism. Nate’s primary role is Volunteer Coordinator. He focuses on recruitment, training, and placement of hundreds of volunteers a year. Nate also has secondary roles as a business manager, graphic design, and some building maintenance. Lissy is a certified instructor of Parents as Teachers and works with parents through our Preschool to equip them to be their child’s first educator. She also completes admin tasks for our Family and Youth department, and is seeking to initiate a neighborhood fitness program. 
  • How does CDC define success and what makes it successful?
Success is difficult to measure in the world of poverty because of the complexity of barriers facing our neighbors. CDC would define success as a life changed, a voice for the marginalized, and the cycle of poverty broken. This often takes years to measure though there are moments of striking victory. CDC’s commitment to the poor, reputation of integrity, and faithfulness to the Lord are what make it successful. 
  • What’s it like serving at CDC in Detroit?
Serving with CDC is often like a grand adventure. Often difficult, challenging, tiring, and seemingly impossible, but the views are incredible. To help someone get housing for the first time, providing a safe place for kids to learn, offering quality preschool education for low-income families, helping employ dozens from our neighborhood, and seeing lives changed by the Gospel are all magnificent sights that make the hard tasks worth it. 
    • What is your biggest joy in the last year?
    Aside from expanding our family with the birth of our second son, or biggest joy has been deepening and enriching the relationships we have within our church, our jobs, and our community. 
      • How do you plan to reach people in the coming year?
      We plan to reach people by continuing to be where people are, and making their struggles our struggles, and their victories our victories. 
        • What do you think will be different?
        We hope that with each passing year our neighbors see our commitment to live righteously and caringly and will trust us more to share in their burdens, learn from their perspectives, and live the Gospel of Jesus in their presence. 
          •  In the coming year, what is the biggest need: 
          CDC continues to need financial partners to join their vision. With a hope to reach more of our community we need more staff, and to get more staff we need more funding. Over 70% of CDC’s funding comes from grants and foundations, not individuals and churches. We hope to see that number flip as more people desire to give towards our work. 

          Our biggest need would also be for financial partners. We are 100% funded through the generous partnerships of churches and individuals. When we committed to CDC we committed to not take funding away from other staff or programs. In order to continue to utilize our connections, powers, privileges, and influences we hope more people will join our team. God is at work, and what a joy it is that He invites us to come along.  

          • How can people help?
          People can learn more about CDC and how to partner with them by visiting their website at www.centraldetroitchristian.org

            For those interested in learning more about us, receiving our newsletter, or joining our financial team they can contact us at ngangwer@centraldetroitchristian.org or lgangwer@centraldetroitchristian.org

            I hope you enjoyed meeting Nate and Lissy!  They are doing wonderful work in a community that has great needs.  God is meeting those needs in amazing ways.  Here's how you can be a part of it:

            • Pray for Nate and Lissy, and CDC.
            • Consider supporting them financially
            • Consider volunteering

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